Electrical Inspection and Testing

Newton Electrical Contractors, Electricians in Harrogate have a dedicated inspection and testing department supported by City and Guilds 2391-01 trained personnel that have great experience in Domestic, Industrial, Commercial and Specialist Electrical Inspection and Testing. Newton Electrical Contractors are registered with the NICEIC (A government approved body) as Domestic Installer. We are Part P registered and can issue, direct to our customers any certificate, without the need to inform the local council prior to any work being carried out, and on completion of the work, we inform the council that the installation has been completed to the required standard (a copy is also sent to our customers for personal records) (these will possibly be requires when selling your property).

Electrical hazards can be invisible but deadly, causing fires and electrical shock. These hazards are easily avoidable if you use an competent electrical contractor to install, inspect and maintain your electrical installations.

Government figures assess that there are around 10 fatal and 2,000 non-fatal electric shock accidents in the home each year, and around 19 fatal and 880 non-fatal shock accidents a year in the place of work. However, there are about 12,500 electrical fires in homes across the UK each year. Although many incidents are caused by defective appliances rather than the electrical installation itself, a correctly installed and well-maintained electrical installation could save lives.

Cables, switches, socket-outlets and other apparatus deteriorate with long-standing use, so they all need to be checked and essential replacements or repairs made in good time.

Whilst it is comparatively easy to make an electrical circuit work – it is far more difficult to make the circuit work safely. To evade the dangers that electricity can create to you and others it is crucial that electrical work is carried out only by those with the right understanding, skill and experience in the type of electrical work to be undertaken

The Electrical Safety Council published the results of their National Consumer Survey in March 2006 and found that:

42% of consumers surveyed stated they had never had their electrics checked

32% of consumers surveyed who do DIY stated they had experienced one or more electric shocks while carrying out DIY

59% of people do not use qualified electricians when carrying out electrical work

35% of consumers surveyed said their electrics are over 15 years old and a further 21% stated they had no idea how old they were

48% of those surveyed did not know that their electrics should be checked at least every 10 years