Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial_Electrician_Harrogate_RiponNewton Electrical Contractors – Commercial Electricians Harrogate:

Newton Electrical Contractors employ highly skilled electricians and supply our electrical services to a variety of commercial customers that include Local Councils, Shops, Offices, MOD Sites, Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Builders, Facilities Management Companies, Caravan Parks both Residential and Touring, Landlords and Estate Agents. We are NICEIC Approved Contractors who have been assessing the technical competence of electricians for over 50 years.  Their aim is to protect everyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical installations anywhere.

To achieve this, they maintain a register of qualified, competent electricians. Once a contractors become registered with NICEIC, they are re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure high standards. We are also Trustmark and Safe Contractor Approved electricians, with legislation placing an ever-increasing burden on organizations to ensure the health and safety competency of contractors providing services on their premises, it is vital to have a reliable system in place. More than ever, there is a need to determine how seriously your external contractors and service providers take health and safety and to professionally assess the suitability of their arrangements. Many large organizations use safe contractor to reduce risk and to develop and maintain their approved contractor and service provider lists and also search for new ones through our online database.

We hold all relevant insurances, these include, 5,000,000 Public Liability, 10,000,000 Employers Liability, and 250,000 Professional Indemnity. Electricians based in Harrogate, offer a comprehensive range of commercial electrical services to businesses throughout Harrogate which includes being able to design and install new electrical systems and the maintenance of existing installations. A large amount of money is lost each year through unexpected maintenance and inevitable faults, however, Newton Electrical Contractors aims to reduce these costs by providing a plan of preventative maintenance inspections and statutory visits at regular intervals. This enables your business to stay in line with the current regulations and legislation’s and will reduce the risk of a system failure or degradation in the system which inevitably will cost any business money.

Free quotations are offered for all types of electrical work and all work is fully insurance backed guaranteed for 6 years.

Safe_Contractor_ApprovedSafe Contractor Approved

We are Safe-Contractor Approved and have the following insurances in place:

Public Liability: £10,000,000.

Employers Liability: £10,000,000.

Professional Indemnity: £250,000.

Newton Electrical ContractorsCommercial Electricians in Harrogate supply a wide-ranging list of electrical services for our business customers. We offer a rapid, high quality, competitive and efficient service which we are extremely proud of. All work is finished to up to date building regulations and designs. We are fully aware of the difficulties involved in running a business and having work carried out at the same time and strive to give the best all-round service, with the least disruption to your business.

Newton Electrical Contractors are Harrogate based commercial electricians and have experience in all areas of electrical Installation for both small and large businesses. Newton Electrical Contractors have been providing Commercial and Industrial electrics for larger clients for many years throughout Harrogate, Ripon, Wetherby, Knaresborough, York and the Yorkshire Region,

We have an assortment of Commercial customers that we have worked for over many years, with properties ranging from large MOD Training establishments to shops, restaurants, stores, pubs and office blocks. If you are looking for a commercial electrician for a new electrical installation for your business or you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and make Energy Saving improvements to your electrical system, or require landlord safety certificates, then give Newton Electrical Contractor a call today, and we will carry out a free consultation.

With a commercial electrician from Newton Electrical Contractors, we can support you in your project enabling it to run smoothly. For any questions, you may want to ask, please give us a call, or send us a message using our online Contact Form.

All companies require some sort of reliable and economical electrical system, whether it be lighting, upgrading of your electrical installation, or electrical testing, A Newton Electrical Contractors commercial electrician can do it all, from proposal to finalisation, and even after sales maintenance and repairs.

More advice on the current laws and regulations can be given, please contact Newton Electrical Contractors in Harrogate. Our commercial work is carried out to British Standards and Newton Electrical Contractors are an approved NICEIC Electrical Contracting Company and Trust Mark approved.

Industrial Electrical Services – Harrogate 

  • Single & 3 Phase Systems including Panel Boards
  • Warehouse & Factory Lighting
  • Design Service
  • Installation of SWA (steel wired armoured) cables
  • Cable Tray Systems
  • Galvanised Trunking
  • Steel & PVC Conduit Installations
  • 110V Supply Systems
  • NICEIC Test and Inspections
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Security / Outside Lighting
  • Maintenance

Single & 3 Phase Systems including Panel Boards

There are many industrial sites where management are unaware that their existing 3 phase systems are perhaps old, possibly overloaded and not to current IEE Wiring and HSE Regulations. Newton Electrical Contractors install Panel Boards, Busbars, Trunking and all types of Three and Single Phase installations. Why not request our services for an inspection?

Warehouse & Factory Lighting

Newton Electrical Contractors can design & install warehouse & factory lighting systems. Modern systems are much more energy efficient and you could achieve considerable cost savings. It makes sense to upgrade your systems making sure they are compliant with safety requirements and current regulations, including those for emergency lighting.

Design Services

In a rapidly changing technological world together with an ever increasingly regulated environment it is becomingly difficult to keep up with the technological infrastructure and your legal obligations. Companies when they expand sometimes just keep on adding to their existing installations, often overlooking that they could be creating an overloading situation, which could lead to failure and major downtime in the future.

Newton Electrical Contractors Ltd, can provide a full consultancy and design service enabling us to guide you through the technical and legislative issues, leaving your company with an electrical system that not only meets your needs for today but also for tomorrow.

Installation of Armoured Cables

Steel Wire Armoured cable (SWA) are used for installation in underground, external or exposed situations. SWA cabling is probably the most common cable for mains distribution although it is extensively used in smaller sizes as well.

It generally comprises central copper or aluminium conductors which are insulated usually with XLPE. The conductors are protected against damage by steel wires and the whole cable is sheathed in a protective plastic outer sheath.

Available in all sizes and current ratings these cables are waterproof and may be used underground. These cables need to be installed to NICEIC requirements.

Cable Tray Systems

Manufactured from galvanised steel, galvanised steel trunking comes in many styles and sizes. Suitable for external use when the system design incorporates rubber gaskets and seals to achieve ingress protection.

It is very suitable for the office environment and can be used carry telecommunications cables, computer network cables and other networking cables as well as power supplies.

Steel & PVC Conduit Installations

Conduit systems are classified by the wall thickness of tubing, mechanical stiffness of the tubing, and material used to make the tubing. Tubing with thicker walls in the same material offers better protection from impact, but increases the weight and cost of the conduit and also increases installation labour costs.

We can advise on the correct choice to cost-effectively design the right system for your application. While PVC conduit is the cheapest it is unsuitable in some environments. Watertight fittings must be used for outdoor applications. There are also regulations concerning bends permitted on a single run. Make certain anyone doing this work is NICEIC approved.

NICEIC Test and Inspections

No electrical system can be considered ‘Safe’ for use until it has been Tested & Inspected. Furthermore, all electrical systems deteriorate with age and use and established systems should always be tested, on a scheduled basis, to ensure compliance with BS 7671. This type of certification is now increasingly being required by Insurance Companies and the local HSE departments.

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 which incorporates The Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1992, a statutory legal duty is placed on all Employers to ensure that employees and all others are not subjected to risks to their health and safety. In particular, The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires those in control of part or all of an electrical system to ensure that the system is safe to use and it is maintained in a safe condition.

Newton Electrical Contractors Ltd, carry out Periodic Inspection Reports to all types of Industrial premises. This report will inform you of the condition of your electrical installation and any areas that do not meet current standards. You are also issued a full report on any remedial works that maybe required to bring the installation to a ‘Satisfactory’ standard.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting, Whether you require a new emergency lighting system, extension of an existing system or just an upgrade, we are familiar with the many types of Emergency Lighting Systems applications including Churches, Offices and Industrial Units etc and will provide a full service to ensure that your emergency lighting system complies with all relevant legislation.

In many cases emergency lighting is wrongly regarded as a fit and forget product, whereas it should be subjected to frequent testing.

We have all the necessary expertise to design and install emergency lighting systems and can provide your organisation with a regular maintenance and testing service to ensure that your emergency lighting complies with BS 5266 regulations.

We are authorised to issue certification for the 6 month and annual tests as outlined in BS 5266. The standard gives information and guidance on the categories of emergency lighting systems and their suitability for premises with different occupancy.

The standards including characteristics of emergency lighting systems and the lighting levels that are required to deliver are also covered by BS EN 50172 and BS EN 1838 respectively.

Security / Outside Lighting

Newton Electrical Contractors can supply and install all types of security, outside and flood lighting to all types of premises and buildings including Churches, either operated by sensor and / or switching.


Newton Electrical Contractors Ltd, understand the complex statutory legal obligations which you have to observe. We will liaise and discuss your needs and obligations and work out your requirements. Only then will we able to offer you a maintenance contract. This is because each of our Maintenance contracts is specifically tailored to the needs of the client. No matter how big or small the organisation, we can help.

The routine maintenance for Lighting, Emergency Lighting and Switch Gear ensures that optimum levels of performance and safety are constantly achieved. You can run your business safe in the knowledge that all your electrical legal obligations are fulfilled. Even the best maintained equipment can have a “bad-day”, if this happens rest assured we are on the end of a phone and can dispatch the relevant personnel to get your business running back to full capacity.

Thermographic Surveys

Thermal imaging is a tremendously useful and versatile tool in electrical fault finding. It requires little or no contact with the components; therefore any component can be checked in its live state with no danger to the operator. There is also no effect on the accessories or any interruption in any processes within the electrical installation that may be controlling vital equipment that cannot be isolated.

Potential electrical faults can lead to breakdowns, fire hazards and in all cases money, due to downtime and repair costs that may become costly. Electrical systems can suffer from numerous faults which will show up as an increase in temperature; hence good preventative maintenance can be achieved by timely preventative maintenance highlighted with the use of thermo graphic surveys

Landlord Safety Certificates

If you require a landlord safety certificate, simply give us a call or fill out our online form and we can arrange a visit for a commercial electrician to visit your property and carry out the inspection. Once completed and you have passed, we can then issue you with a Landlord Safety Certificate.

Industrial Electricians

Newton Electrical Contractorsindustrial electricians we can deliver a range of facilities in this sector, with all our current clients including many major firms. Our staffs are knowledgeable industrial electricians, who work professionally to the British Standards, being an approved NICEIC Electrical Contractor.

A list of the works we undertake (this is not exhaustive):

  • Fault Finding
  • Landlord Safety Certificates
  • Office Renovation
  • Control Wiring
  • 24hr Call Outs
  • Maintenance
  • Energy Saving Solutions
  • Network Data Cabling and Data Cable Running
  • Electrical Inspection, Certification, and Testing
  • Emergency Lighting, Car Park Lighting, Flood lighting
  • 3 Phase Installations
  • Planned and Reactive Maintenance Contracts
  • PAT Testing